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How to rank our website effectively for “near me” searches?

Today, optimizing our website for “near me” searches is essential, as most people search for a product or service along with “Near me.” A guaranteed SEO company in India will help you optimize your website for “near me” searches, as it is the best way to evolve local SEO keywords in the search engine.

According to a study, if your website is not optimized for local SEO, you will miss out on over 46% of the opportunity of getting organic traffic, and your competitors will also outrank you. How to get the most out of your website and Google My Business with top tips to optimize your website for “near me” searches on Google for a better local SEO strategy?

Optimize for “near me” search

As a good SEO company in India, we suggest you optimize searches for “near me,” which will benefit your business. 80% of smartphones are likely to search for a combination of any “near me” keyword at least once a month. The most popular searches that come under the “near me” searches are banks, hospitals, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

How to start with optimizing searches for “near me”? you can hire a top SEO company from India who will plan and execute the best strategies for you to optimize searches for “near me.” Also, follow the below-mentioned tips to focus on a “near me” SEO campaign.

Create and update Google My Business Listing

First and foremost, you need to create and update your Google My Business Listing, which will help you appear most times when someone searches for local keywords. It has all the necessary information, including your contact number, direction, picture, reviews, etc. that you will need after searching the “nearby” keyword.

While creating a Google My Business listing, you need to have an address to receive the verification code sent by the Google team.

As a top digital marketing company in Noida, we suggest you get more reviews on GMB listing to optimize for better “near me” searches. The reviews should be something close to the number of reviews in the current ranking listing.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website is essential, as most people use a smartphone for searches. You can also hire the best and guaranteed SEO company in India, helping you make a mobile-friendly website to rank you better in Google SERPs. Some tips for creating a website mobile-friendly are:

  • Focus on page load time.
  • Large fonts should be used
  • Use large buttons to work on mobile devices.
  • Keep your design simple.
  • Don’t use flash.

Write articles and blogs to get local backlinks.

Writing influential blogs and articles is the best way to get local backlinks. Blogs allow you to share articles regularly, which will enable users to stay updated when they subscribe to your business services.

However, if you are looking for a guaranteed SEO company in India, Digi-Markets is the best digital marketing company that offers the best digital marketing services in Noida to clients of different industries. The experts at Digi-Markets will plan and execute the best strategies to optimize searches for “near me.”

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