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5 SEO Trends that will Matter Most this Year

  • 2020 has become the most important year for our SEO and SMO Agency in India.
  • Creating a new SEO strategy for 2020 is the need of the hour in the rapidly changing SEO landscape.

Our SEO Company in Noida has become a very important medium for current digital landscape. It is going to be the game changing field for the current era. There could be a massive change in the way how we do works as Search Engine Optimizers. In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 SEO trends that will matter most this year.

*Tip – SEO experts have to show adaptability to Voice search if we want to stay competitive.

  1. Search Intent and code optimization

Nowadays, Google is not showing results based on just the keywords, it is considering intent of the search as well. Search intent would affect the new SEO trends in 2020. The user wants methods to optimize a website for SEO purposes. When we create content for the users, we should do intensive research and should build helpful information for the users. With the help of online SEO tools which can help you refine your keyword strategy. This is great to satisfy the search intent, boost engagement and increase rankings. Website performance and security is also a major aspect on which one should pay attention.

  •  Video Content optimization will rule latest SEO trends in 2019

Video content will surpass all other content forms with consumption exceeding 85%. It is expected that by 2021, 78% of the mobile data will be consumed on Video. Video is going to be used as the major marketing tool by marketers and advertisers. We need to optimize video content to meet the standards of search engine. Video SEO agency Noida is going to be the important SEO trends in 2019. Businesses that would fail to leverage Video marketing or do not pay attention to video optimization will suffer to get returns in 2020.

  •  Voice search will make almost 50% of all online searches in 2019

Voice is a very dominant trend and we an SEO and SMO Agency in India should keep an eye on it in 2020. 58% of the consumers used voice search to find local business information last year. 27% visit the local business website through voice search. 76% of smart home speaker users search for local businesses once a week. Voice recognition market is going to hit $601 mn by 2019.

  • Increased social media indexing will boost organic SEO

The content marketing industry is going to become $300 bn industry by 2019 which will have a huge impact on SEO. Content creation needs to be done not just to rank on search engines, but to provide value to the customers.

  •  Optimizing CTR for Google Rank brain

 As a reputable SEO Company in Noida we think it’s important to optimize your website for Google’s search engine algorithm – Rankbrain. Website’s Click-Through-Rate is an important indicator in deciding whether your content is relevant to the user’s search or not.


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