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Prospects of App Search Optimization Company in India

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a technique that companies uses to enhance the visibility of their business app within the App Store’s search results. The major App stores available are Google Play Store, Apple iOS Store, and Microsoft Store. ASO includes different operations for giving high ranking to clients different business apps in the App Store. In addition to this, it also focuses on Click-Through Rate(CTR). For this purpose, several ASO techniques are implied that includes App Name, App Title, App Icon, App Screenshots, and App Ratings.

Importance of ASO for company’s app growth

There are more than five crore apps available over the App Store, but only a few apps are there that are genuine and are on users’ top wish list. Generally, users don’t go and scroll up to the bottom for getting their desired apps. The top-ranking apps over the App Stores are the priority of everyone. To remain in the top search results over the App Store, companies adopt many ASO techniques to grow their business app over the App Store. 

Among the major ASO techniques, the role of app download and customers review for any app plays a crucial role. For providing this support to different local and small businesses, digi-markets has played a very significant role. Due to this support system provided by digi-markets, digi-markets has emerged as the best App Search Optimization Company in India

What are different App Store Optimization Packages available with digi-markets?

The four different Mobile App Optimization Package available with digi-markets are as follows:

1. Standard Package: This is a primary package offered by digi-markets to its clients. The cost associated with the subscription of this package is $200 per month. This package is basically for the small businesses that have just shifted their traditional work model to the digital business model. 

2. Premium Package: This package is offered by digi-markets to clients who are succeeding in their businesses in their respective local markets. The cost charged by digi-markets for this package is $300 per month. 

3. Business Package: This package of ASO is offered by digi-markets to businesses running in a higher level of the digital business segment. With this package, the facilities and services to the clients get enhanced. The subscription cost for this plan offered by digi-markets is $400 a month.

4. Platinum: With this ASO package, many features and services are provided to the company’s business apps. This package is for platinum class business players who always like to remain at the top of the App Store search results. The cost charged by digi-markets to companies for this ASO package is $500 per month.
These are some App Store Optimization Packages available with the digi-markets for enhancing the company’s business app success rate in the different App Stores.

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