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How to Make a Website UI More Pleasant?

In the past few years, we have realized how digital products are important for us. When it comes to a website, users visit it intending to find relevant information related to their query. If the website’s user-interface is complicated, a user will return back to the other website, and hence it will increase the bounce rate of the website.

With the best website development services in India, you can make your UI more attractive and pleasant to potential visitors.

Here’s how you can make your website more accessible to users.

Allow Users to Resize Pages and Content

If a user is visiting your website, he/she is viewing your product from different devices. For example, a user inputs information into a field, and the page automatically zooms into the field. In this situation, the user should have the ability to zoom out or in to assure their action.

Make the Search Bar Easy to Locate and Use

A common goal of user experience is to minimize the user’s effort to complete a task, such as limiting the number of clicks required to enter information into a search bar.

Add Alt Text to Every Image

The benefits of alt tags extend beyond SEO. As we provide top-notch web development services in India, we highly recommend using alt text, making it easy for people with visual impairments to understand your images. Also, you need to keep alt text short; as most screen readers cut off the text at about 125 characters, it’s advisable to keep it at or below that number.

Use Section Headings

Section headings help users remember what they are reading. More than 67% of respondents said they preferred to navigate through the titles on the page. This finding ranked higher than using the “find” feature, navigating through the links of the page, and reading through the entire web page. At Digi Markets, we provide the best web development services in India, and we can help you with section headings.

Use Color Contrast

Using the right color contrast to ensure maximum readability is key to making your UI more accessible. You will find that your text doesn’t have enough contrast with the background, or your type size doesn’t complement its contrast.

Use Link Text on the Menu Navigation

The best solution is when a user hovers over the menu item on a page, the screen reader reads aloud that particular button by reading the link text. It is also recommended to provide right sizes for clickable areas, no smaller than 44px by 44px.


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