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How Quora can be used to Increase Referral Traffic?

Quora is one of the best platforms to increase referral traffic. Quora is used for getting a quick and relevant answer to your question. It is an American website where the users are allowed to interact with other users by asking questions and giving answers. This is the best platform where the users can find questions related to any topic such as marketing, cooking, technology, business, and many more. The answers can be based on facts or opinion and later it can be edited.


You need an account to add your question which needs to be answered. Quora also has a partner program where active users can make money online by answering and asking questions.
As we have discussed above, Quora can be helpful to increase referral traffic. Referral traffic is where a user lands on a website from another website. Digi-Markets, a content marketing company in Noida uses Quora to increase its referral traffic. For example, if you are searching for a smartphone and reading its features on a website, there is a link that says

“click here to buy”. When you click on this link, then you will be referred to that website where you can purchase that smartphone.

Google Analytics considers you a user that came through referral traffic rather than directly typing in the website address or by clicking a paid advertising. Referral traffic is said to be relevant traffic because the users clicking on your website are already interested in your service.


How to use Quora to Increase Referral Traffic?

It is said by Digi-Markets, the best content marketing company in Noida that the companies can generate more leads and revenue when they create a strong Quora marketing strategy. Quora has millions of monthly users and it is the best opportunity for the companies to showcase their products and services.

Here are some of the Quora Marketing tips:

  1. Create your Quora account – The first step in Quora marketing includes creating your account. When you create your account, you will be able to ask or answer the questions. Also, include all your credentials in your profile which will give more credibility to your answers and other users will also get to know about you.
  2. Identify questions related to your business – The next step is to find the relevant questions for your business. For example, if you have a business of smartwatches and someone has asked “where I can buy the best smartwatch?”, then you can answer that question in such a way that the user comes to your website. According to a content marketing company in Noida, questions with a lot of answers are very difficult to rank well. Make sure to answer the questions which are recently asked and have fewer answers.
  3. Make your answers reader-friendly – it is said by the best content marketing company in Noida that the more high-quality your answer is, the more people will engage with you. Try to use bullet points, use images and videos, and make it easy for people to read your answers.
  4. Link your website in your answer – once you have answered your question, you can offer a website or blog which will be beneficial for the one who has asked the question as the user will find more information related to their question.
  5. Engage with Quora Community – it’s not enough to right your answer and click on submit. Engage with the community by replying to their comments, and upvote the user’s answer. If you do this, you will build up your authority on the platform.

How to answer the questions on Quora?

  • Don’t answer in a promotional way – it is recommended by a content marketing company in Noida that don’t push your business or website too much so that it does not look like you are just promoting yourself. The Quora team has become strict and will flag those answers that appear as self-promoting.
  • Don’t copy and paste – every question you answer must be unique and not similar to the other answers. Don’t copy-paste your answer as it will impact your brand authority on the platform.
  • Don’t fake your credentials – try to avoid to write the answers in such a way that you have a lot of experience in this field or you went to that company, etc. Don’t mislead your users.

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